Monday, March 28



Getting used to it is extremely easy
There is no one telling you what to/where to/how to


I have always thought life seldom gives you what you ask for
There should be some recognition for doing

I have sent plenty of emails
Telling them how I feel/felt/have felt

No one answers
No one needs to answer
I do not need an answer when there is only me outside
Walking when dark

Ness is a melancholic feeling intertwined with my struggle against smiling

(that is something I have pushed too far to keep containing such amazingness of being, just being where I am/was)

I am not looking for someone like you
I am looking for you
Remembering when we used to touch/feel
There is nothing more romantic than feeling you tonight
Or the night after this one
In the bathroom
Where no one can see me
And there is this light right next to me
Telling me that there is someone spying on me

I do not care

I wonder if there is someone hearing my stainless breath

I wonder if I get stained for what I have done

In the bathroom
Such loneliness
I feel cold
This legs will not answer

There is no feeling when I walk
I need to stop to face this fear

I need to stop to face your fear
(my fear of letting you know that I miss you)

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